ASSF Rehabilitation Center for Acid attacked Survivors

ASSF Rehabilitation Center for Acid attacked Survivors.

The goal of the project is to support acid survivors who have been attacked with acid to provide shelterhome until their complete treatment in Mumbai.

In 5 years, we saw how acid survivors come to Mumbai for treatment from small towns, When the doctor calls again, Coming from the their town to Mumbai is too much for them and brings a lot of financial challenges Along with that, they are burnt too badly and wounds need to be taken care of nicely for better healing but ward boys and nurses don’t take care of them on a priority basis which leads to the infections of many body parts. Periodical follow-ups with doctors for bandaging are required after operation till the wounds heal. Hence they need to stay close by in a clean environment.

Acid attack is not a normal crime, because of this victims has to face many mental and physical abnormity which could be checked by modern yoga and personal counseling. After all, when they recover in most of the cases they are unskilled and resulting in unemployment. A workshop to upskill them will bring independence to their life

Image We have planned to the construction of 5000 square feet -3 storey rehab centre with parking area, garden reception, guestroom, banquet hall, yoga centre, Counselling room, workshop, kitchen and attached bathroom rooms for survivors in Malad (West) of Mumbai The total estimated expenditure including land, construction and maintenance is expected to be Rs 1.5 crore.

“We want to be independent but without your support, it is not possible, We can’t change the past but your small contribution can change the future of survivors”

Our disfigured face has caused people neither to give us jobs nor homes to live in. With this shelter home, survivors can live comfortably and recuperate faster

We are looking forward to your support and assistance to fulfil the dream of this rehab centre.


According to reports by the Acid Survivors Foundation of India (ASFI) acid attacks had increased to a 300% in the year 2014. Section 326 A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) emphasizes acid attacks as one of the severe crimes with the culprit being punishable with imprisonment for up to 10 years. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in 2018, India reported about 228 cases of acid attack, creating a necessity for the Government to provide aid to the survivors of acid attack. Such high numbers indicate that the victims of acid attacks require assistance to recover and lead a normal life, which makes it essential for rehabilitation centers to take up the initiative and support acid attack survivors..

Despite the severity of the crime and the detrimental effects on individuals, compensation for the medical care of the victims is not enough. Setting up rehabilitation centers is necessary to assist individuals in the process of recovery and to be able to seek proper shelter, physical and psychological support as well as employability opportunities.

The crime of de-forming the physical appearance, harming, and intent of killing an individual often leads to partial or total damage to the individual’s livelihood. Over the past few years, cases related to acid attacks have increased in India. Some of the factors which are essential to support victims of acid attack through rehabilitation are as follows:

Medical Aid and physiological well-being- Several men and women are victims of the violent crime of acid attacks. The physical recovery of the victims and proper care during this time is essential to support them to heal. Often in government-aided hospitals, patients are unable to receive adequate care. Constant monitoring and dressing of the wounds to prevent infection are essential. The rehabilitation centers can help the victims to be taken care of in a more efficient manner when it is being solely dedicated to the acid attack victims. Health care professionals can be appointed for regular check-ups and dressing of the victims with severe burns at the rehab centers, ensuring the best care that is availed by the individuals.

Psychological support and counseling- Physical and emotional support are imperative for the victims of acid attacks. Many survivors go through traumatic experiences; some people even suffer from (PTSD) post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from their horrifying experiences. Rehabilitation centers can offer support groups, therapy, and counseling for the victims. In this manner, the individuals at the rehab center will develop a sense of hope and positivity towards life by talking to people who have similar experiences to them. Several acid attack victims are isolated from society, especially those belonging to the economically weaker sections of society. It causes a hindrance to their physical care and psychological well-being. The setting up of rehab centers will ensure a safe space for individuals with traumatic experiences related to acid attacks. They will be able to receive support and care from other individuals resulting in a speedy recovery and preparation for a future where they will be able to seek opportunities for themselves through the cooperation of professionals

Vocational Training- a majority of the acid attack victims are secluded from society and their life becomes a battle of attaining equal rights and opportunities in terms of education, employment, and prospects. The rehabilitation centers can be instrumental in bringing about a change in the sphere of future opportunities for the victims of acid attacks. Like every human being, these individuals are also entitled to develop skills and become independent.

In numerous cases, women are victims of acid attacks in India, owing to disputes over marriage and dowry. It results in a severe backlash as far as their career and future life are concerned. Many employers prefer physical appearances and reject individuals after they have borne the brunt of acid attacks. The rehab centers can assist women in growing their skills and educating them on the opportunities available for them. In this manner, the rehab centers can be effective in training women for seeking out opportunities for their future.

Educational Assistance and support- helping children and women attain education is essential to enable them to seek out opportunities for themselves in the future. Educating the victims of an acid attack by providing education, formal as well as vocational training; along with education about the latest digital advancements will enhance the chances of the women and children in attaining jobs.

Legal aid and services- rehabilitation centers are salient in offering legal aids to the victims of acid attacks. Often due to exorbitant charges by the lawyers and the inability to be accurately represented, many survivors are not provided justice and their offenders and abuser get away without facing criminal charges. To ensure that the survivors of the acid attacks are properly represented and given a fair chance to seek justice, rehabs can be salient in offering them aid in legal

Acid attack victims, especially those belonging to the economically challenged section of the society either lose their lives owing to lack of medical care or are socially ostracized to such an extent that they are prey to the psychological battles.

Rehab centers play a significant role in supporting and encouraging the survivors of such violent attacks to start their lives with new hope and take refuge in a secure place where their needs will be addressed and they will be able to prepare for their lives in a balanced manner.

The government provides compensation to the acid attack victims for financial support. But the survivors require social and psychological care to a greater extent to enable them to recover from the traumatic experience.

Moreover, the rehabilitation centers can provide individual therapy and group therapy sessions to the victims and organize family retreats which will help the victims be in touch with their family members. Non-Governmental organizations can play a crucial role in setting up the rehab centers for the victims to ensure proper maintenance of services to be offered to the individuals. Further, centers of education can be set up by the rehabs to inculcate skills and the latest trends regarding the digital world into the inhabitants of the rehab. It will ensure that there is an environment where every individual helps one another to learn and improve better and it will help in the creation of a community where people feel loved and wanted. A sense of identity and belonging has the power to create a feeling of positivity, hope, and energy which is important for the survivors of a violent attack. Therefore, the establishment of rehab centers can help alleviate the stigma around acid attack victims by giving them a safe harbor in society.