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8 Years
About Us

Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation

Acid Survivours Saahas Foundation is an Non Profit Organisation formed by acid victims of Maharashtra , in 2016, whose founder member is Daulatbi Khan and it is registered under section 18 of Bombay Public Trusts Act., 1950.

The main objective of the Trust is to provide medical assistance to the Acid victims and to Rehabilitate them along with their families.

Acid attack is a heinous crime which needs to be condemned strongly by each and every one of us

The victims suffer fatal injuries which usually end up in life long trauma and suffering for them.

Usually they dont get timely treatment in Govt hospitals and need to depend on private hospitals for treatment.

Our Non profit organisation, Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation, gives these victims timely help for their Surgeries, Medicines, ration, and also take care of their legal expenses.

They need back to back multiple surgeries to save their lives which are very costly and non affordable by them. If timely treatment is not provided they may be crippled for life by loosing their vision, or hearing impairment or permanent disfigurement of their bodies and faces.

Apart from this they are usually not accepted by the society and this social stigma demoralises them even after they survive the Acid Attack.

Our Non profit organisation arranges councelling sessions by professionals to motivate the victims to lead a normal life.

We also holds regular yoga classes for these victims to help them strengthen their bodies and mind.

We had also opened computer classes to develop ther skills and also teach basic computer courses to their children.

We had also opened a mini market in Mumbai and gave employment to these victims.We also arrange job placements for them so that they can be self-sufficient in their basic needs.

We also take care of their Childrens Education by paying their Education fees , and also provide them with books, and travel expenses.

Our Organisation has also helped victims to get married and now few victims are settled and also have children.

Recently we have filed a PIL in supreme court on behalf of all Acid Victims of India, to get them reservations in jobs, to get proper compensation for them as their financial security, and also proper and timely medical assistance to them by Government hospitals

We need all the help and support which we can get to continue the good work we are doing to reduce the trauma of victims and make a difference in their lives by bringing a Smile on their faces as we believe that

Smile heals your pain
Smile evokes your courage

Our Vision

ASSF vision is a world free from acid violence where survivors and activists work together for this common cause. This can be possible only by changing the social perception towards the victims. Society should not consider acid sufferers as victims but rather as victors. They should be filled with a massive amount of esteem, so they can see any hindrance in their path as a fragile one. The other aspect is helping the ‘average person’ who hears about acid violence move from being a concerned bystander to an active participant in this fight.

Our Mission

ASSF main goal is to provide every possible support to the victims and survivors. The NGO is deeply focusing on providing shelter to acid victors which should also consist of a workshop where they can earn their livelihood by making handmade bags, cushions, antiques etc. Daulat Bi has a dream and ambition to open a big departmental store which itself will be operated by acid victors team. By taking these small but major steps the victors can stand on their own feet and can prove their worth to the society..

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